Full Cycle Startup Development

Thormint is an all-in-one platform with management and development tools that cover the whole startup life cycle: from an idea to a scalable business. We accelerate the time to market of tech startups by streamlining the product development process.


Every successful product or company starts from a single idea


Convert the idea into a startup by validating the hypothesis


Manage projects and create prototypes using development tools


Convert the prototype into a real product following all standards


Take the startup into a scalable business while managing team and finances

Platform Features


Create your startup following the LEAN Startup methodology, with strategies popularized by Eric Ries, Alex Osterwalder, Ash Maurya, Donatas Jonikas and others. The tool and our team will guide you during the whole process.


Create and validate hypothesis about your business model

Create the Business Plan, Startup Canvas and Pitch automatically

Share your Startup information with mentors and investors

Analyze the competence with the Blue Ocean Strategy

Keep your financial data up to date



Manage your groups, add new team members, assign roles... Groups can be public to exchange knowledge with all the Thormint Community, or private to keep the information just for your organization.


Create and manage groups and members

Check the last news and posts from your network

Send messages to your contacts and groups

Recruit employees based on their skills

Create meetings and events



Manage your projects, tasks, documentation using the agile methodology and team collaboration.


Project Scheduling and Roadmap creation

Team members management

Invitation to external collaboration

Agile Task management (Kanban and Scrum)

Sprints and Backlog

Create private notes or share them with your groups



Manage your resources and share them with the Community or with other users: upload articles, CAD files, datasheets, mathematical models and code snippets.
Link your resources with your Apps to use them there.


Upload and download to the Thormint Cloud almost any kind of file

Keep your files organized

Share files with users or the whole Community

Use your resources inside the Apps


Apps Marketplace

Get the best tools to improve the efficiency of your work and develop faster with them. The Apps are specially designed for engineers by engineers with features that can perform automatic tasks, calculations and simulations.
Visit the App store and select the best for your needs.


App store with customers reviews

Activate and unactivate your Apps

Discover the best tools for your work

The Apps are constantly improved

New Apps will be developed based on the needs of the users