Thormint is the ultimate engineering platform.

Manage your team, projects and tasks in an organized and flexible way with many engineering tools to help you with the development of your projects.

Platform Features

Project Manager

Manage your projects data, add team members and create subprojects.


Project Scheduling and Roadmap creation

Team members management

Invitation to external collaboration


Tasks Manager

Manage your project's tasks, assign them to other users, add due dates, create repository branches and connect with customized tools.


Agile Task management

Tasks Filtering

Kanban and Scrum boards and cards

Sprints and Backlog

Create private notes or share them with your groups


Groups Manager

Manage your groups, add new team members, assign roles... Groups can be public to exchange knowledge with all the Thormint Community, or private to keep the information just for your organization.


Create and manage groups

Members management

Roles assignment.

Groups can be public or private


Resources Manager

Manage your resources and share them with the Community or with other users: upload articles, CAD files, datasheets, mathematical models and code snippets.
Link your resources with your Apps to use them there.


Upload and download to the Thormint Cloud almost any kind of file

Keep your files organized

Share files with users or the whole Community

Use your resources inside the Apps


Apps Manager

Get the best tools to improve the efficiency of your work and develop faster with them. The Apps are specially designed for engineers by engineers with features that can perform automatic tasks, calculations and simulations.
Visit the App store and select the best for your needs.


App store with customers reviews

Activate and unactivate your Apps

Discover the best tools for your work

The Apps are constantly improved

New Apps will be developed based on the needs of the users


Hardware Manager

Add the features and characteristics of the project. Manage your components libraries and datasheets. Draw your schematics and layout. Generate BOM, positioning files, Gerbers and send to manufacture.


Schematic design

Layout drawing

Bill of Materials (BOM) creation and management

Gerbers viewer


Vehicle Manager

Create new vehicles from scratch. Start creating from the general aspects to the detail. Manage your components library, add custom pieces and share them with your working group. Finally, simulate your design.


Mechanical design

Powertrain design

Electronics design

Circuit and Urban driving simulations

Garage: save all your vehicles designs


Device Manager

Manage your IoT Thormint devices from a very user friendly interface that will make the interaction with electronics much easier and funny.


Connect to the embedded following the steps.

Get data from the sensors

Send messages from App to device

One App per each device in the e-shop