Terms of Service

Using www.thormint.com website you are able to be informed about Thormint Technologies SL activities and products. Before using this website, read these terms carefully. Additionally, using our website you are able to access our web services products and use our web platforms so you can view energy data or control electrical devices remotely.


  1. Website, is www.thormint.com website
  2. We, our company and Thormint refers to Thormint Technologies SL, Barcelona
  3. You, refers to our website users
  4. Terms, refers to the terms of service that follow

1. Applicability

These Terms regulate your use of our Website

Using our Website, implies that you agree with these terms fully. If you don't agree, you are forced to stop using this Website.

If any service, transaction, web application is regulated with their own terms of service, both of the own terms and the Terms apply. In case of conflict, their own specific terms prevail.

2. Terms change

We reserve our right to alter these Term, as we see fit. Any alteration is effective from the day it is public on our Website.

You are required to check for possible changes in the Terms. If you continue to use the Website after the new terms publication, it is implied that you accept the alterations.

3. You responsibility

As a user it is your responsibility to use this Website for legally in terms of Spanish, European, International and Telecommunications Law. You are responsible to use the website according in good faith.

You are using the Website in your own accord, with your equipment and software and you are solely responsible for the protection of your equipment from malware and cyber-attacks.

You are required to not attempt any action that will restrict or prohibit third parties from accessing and using the Website, that compromise or load the system in order to cause a malfunction to the Website. You are also required to abstain from any illegal, abusive or profiteering activity by using the Website.

You are responsible for any damage that is the result of the breach of the Terms, including legal disputes, cases where we are forced to pay fines or compensation to third parties due to your breach and we reserve our right to legally sue you.

4. Our responsibility

This Website is provided as it without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement. In no event our company is liable for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with out Website or the use or other dealings in the Website.

Despite that fact that we exert great effort, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, integrity, timeliness, technical adequacy, fitness, correctness, availability of the content and services provided from the Website.

In any case, including negligence, we are not liable for any damage caused to you due to the use of our Website and the information provided from it.

We have taken all the required security measures for the protection of our Website and users according to international standards.

We update our security systems. However, we provide no warranty regarding you safe connection to our Website and the absence of malware and in case of damage of your equipment, documents, software or other that is the result of malware.

5. Intellectual Property

The brand name, the company name, our logo, other trademarks and all the content of our Website (excluding third party rights) including but limited:

text, graphics, photos, video, news, articles, information, data, analytics, statistical data, illustrations, names, product names, product descriptions

are exclusive intellectual property of Thormint Technologies and are protected under Spanish, EU and International Copyright and Intellectual Property Law.

You can print, copy or save sections of our Website, provided that you provide a source and in case of web publication a hyperlink linking to the Website. You are not allowed to copy and assets from the Website for commercial use, unless you do so under Fair Use.

In case, you explicitly do not receive in any way any intellectual property rights.

It is prohibited any action without prior written consent and in any way and format to:

copy, reproduce, delete, republish, sell, transmit, distribute, execute, publish, load, transfer, alter and any other manner exploit in parts or in whole of the content of the Website.

All trademarks, copyrights, logos and Intellectual Property of third parties that appear in the Website are protected under their rightful owners.

6. Third party connections

The Website may include links/hyperlinks to third party Website that we do not administer and so cannot be liable for their content. We provide any warranty, prompting or endorsement of any kind for third party websites and services that we link in our Website.

Hyperlinks are provide for your convenience. The linked third party websites are regulated by their own Terms of Service. For any questions or other matter regarding those third party websites, you need to contact their administrators.

7. Applicable Law

The terms are governed by Spanish Law. Responsible for interpreting and enforcing these Terms, as well resolved disputes are the Courts of Barcelona.

If one of the terms is deemed void or is voided, this fact does not affect the rest of the Terms, that will still be applicable.

8. Language

The terms has been originally authored in the English Language and then were translated to Spanish. The original and authentic version of the Terms is the English version. In case of conflict between English and Spanish version, the English version prevails.

Effective date: October 01, 2018